Frequently Asked Questions

I found an error with one of your items! What should I do?

Good catch! Thank you for finding this. If you wouldn't mind, please Contact Us with the new and updated information that you have. Be sure to include the item name so we know which item you're talking about.

What is The Daily Neopets Item Database?

The Daily Neopets Item Database (TDN Items for short) is the consolidated Neopets items database of The Daily Neopets' past and future services. Our Battlepedia weapons database ( and Customization wearables department ( are now found at TDN Items. The articles and content that were previously found at these departments are now on the main site but you can still find links to them at TDN Items.

When was The Daily Neopets Item Database first released?

TDN Items was first released in May of 2017.

Are your Battlepedia and Customization departments discontinued then? Are you no longer covering this information?

We are covering all of the same information as before. All of the data that was previously located at and is now housed at TDN Items. Even if things look a bit different here, you should still be able to find everything that used to be at these departments.

TDN Items is the new home for all of this data.

Is The Daily Neopets Item Database a complete items database of every Neopets item in existence?

At the moment, no, but we are working toward this. For now, TDN Items only contains the items listed previously on our Battlepedia and Customization departments.

We expect that our item database (i.e. items beyond Battledome weapons and Customization wearables) will be completed in a few months or so.

Who maintains TDN Items?

TDN Items is maintained by The Daily Neopets staff and Neopets players like yourself! Thank you for helping us keep things up to date.