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Super Attack Pea (r101)

Attack Pea (r101)

Seasonal Attack Pea (r101)

Alien Aisha Ray Gun (r101)

Sack Of Sneezing Powder (r101)

Alien Aisha Sceptre (r101)

Sad Spell (r130)

Alien Aisha Scrambler (r101)

Banana Sword (r101)

Earwax Chia (r101)

Battle Plunger (r101)

Ancient Hourglass (r101)

Artichoke Bomb (r180)

Attack Meatball (r130)

Aubergine Mace (r101)

Cake Bomb (r101)

Candy Club (r101)

Fierce Wooden Leg (r101)

Hammer Of Death (r101)

Bottle Of Magic Sand (r101)

Golden Pirate Amulet (r101)

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion (r101)

Kougra Brush (r101)

Meepapault (r101)

Mega Cabbage (r101)