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Dazzling Ivory Bow (r101)

Ancient Hourglass (r101)

Scroll of Three Curses (r91)

Grarrl Helmet (r95)

Grundo Battle Helmet (r101)

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion (r101)

Kings Shield (r0)

Kougra Healing Potion (r101)

Rainwater Negg (r101)

Ultramax Hammertron (r115)

Staring Negg (r101)

Starry Scorchio Wand (r101)

Confusionegg (r101)

Tazzalors Cutlass (r101)

Water Faerie Bubbles (r99)

Twisted Potion of Strength (r97)

Tribal Blowgun (r101)

Knights Helm (r101)

Rainbow Cybunny Wand (r101)

Super Strength Potion (r101)

Cabbage of Mystery (r101)

Billion Degree Sword (r99)

Potion Of Corruption (r94)

Wanderers Cloak (r97)

Princely Shield (r0)