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Advisor Broos Necklace (r0)

Amulet Of Chaos (r98)

Elephante Stunray (r95)

Black Frost Cannon (r99)

Blanking Ray (r98)

Darigans Orb (r0)

Entangling Lenny Lasso (r97)

Exploding Acorns (r101)

Ancient Hourglass (r101)

Ancient Lupe Wand (r113)

Calculation Device (r99)

Gelert Blade Of Frozen Wrath (r99)

Gelert Frostweaver Shield (r99)

H4000 Helmet (r101)

Block Of Ice (r0)

Blue Frost Cannon (r40)

Scroll Of Freezing (r99)

Heavy Blue Tunic (r99)

Ice Dice (r180)

Ice Mote (r80)

Yellow Frost Cannon (r37)

Icy Chia Goggles (r99)

Golden Peophin Harp (r99)

Freezing Potion (r98)

Green Frost Cannon (r85)