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Acara Gladiator Boots (r99)

Advisor Broos Hat (r0)

Air Faerie Crown (r101)

Air Faerie Token (r99)

Air Mote (r76)

Aisha Feathered Charm (r99)

Sad Spell (r130)

Amethyst Acara Medallion (r98)

Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal (r96)

Earth Faerie Token (r99)

Earth Scarab (r150)

Darigan Generals Sword (r101)

Darigans Shield Of Malevolence (r0)

Darigan Skeith Tail Guard (r101)

Basic Lightning Beam (r50)

Zapatron 2000 (r101)

Zero-G Scout Pack (r99)

Bat Pack (r120)

Electrical Mote (r58)

Battered Grundo Battle Helmet (r80)

Battle Bones (r85)

Battle Faerie Amulet (r98)

Battle Faerie Dagger (r96)

Battle Faerie Staff (r97)

Elemental Hammer (r101)