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Basic Power Negg (r101)

Energising Elixir (r93)

Essence Of Drackonack (r85)

Faerie Queen Negg (r107)

Cackling Negg (r108)

Ferocious Negg (r101)

Genius Negg (r101)

Glamour Negg (r101)

Scroll Potion (r99)

Bomberry Elixir (r84)

Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle (r101)

Greater Earthen Potion (r98)

Grey Shield (r97)

Kaleideonegg (r106)

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion (r101)

Kaylas Super Special Potion (r98)

Level Up Shroom (r180)

Negg of Purity +1 (r101)

Brain Of Mirgle (r99)

Mega Power Plusshroom (r180)

Meridellian Potion of Defence (r95)

Mummified Scroll (r97)

Muntando Fruit (r110)

Bullseye Potion (r95)

Radioactive Negg (r109)