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Accursed Mittens (r101)

Dai-scimitar (r105)

Air Sceptre (r103)

Earth Scarab (r150)

Darigan Skeith Tail Guard (r101)

Zombie Hatchet (r101)

Elemental Hammer (r101)

Elemental Rock (r101)

Darigan Skeith Tongue (r101)

Darigan Sword Of Death (r101)

Dark Faerie Collar (r130)

Dark Sceptre (r103)

Darkness Scarab (r150)

Exploding Acorns (r101)

Exploding Froozle (r160)

Angry Techo Fist (r180)

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wrait... (r101)

Capara Battlecard (r101)

Carnapepperdagger (r160)

Castle Defenders Shield (r101)

Fernypoo Battlecard (r119)

Fire Scarab (r150)

Flotato Gloves (r160)

Giant Spyder Web (r101)

Glistening Earth Shield (r101)