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Crisp Blue Tunic

Crisp Blue Tunic

Super Rare

If your Neopets is intelligent this cloak can actually steal health from your opponent.

Restock Info

Restocks At: Brightvale Armoury


Weapon Iconage


+[ Heals you 100 HP (takes from opponent)]

Weapon Notes

Limit one. It is a healing item. It'll break for the battle after heal. This weapon will always block 4 icons. If your pet has 750 or more intelligence however, it will also drain 100 hp from your opponent and heal you the same amount. This cannot be used to finish off your opponent. They must have at least 101 hp, and this will not over heal you, you must be missing at least 100hp. The order of using this weapon ALSO makes a difference. If you damage your opponent below 101 hp before using this tunic (in the same move), Crisp Blue Tunic will have no effect.