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Heavy Robe Of Thievery

Heavy Robe Of Thievery

Ultra Rare

This hooded cloak is preferred by thieves all around Neopia as it has deep pockets in which to hide your ill gotten gains.

Restock Info

Restocks At: Brightvale Armoury
Release Date: February 5, 2019

Once Per Battle

Weapon Iconage


Weapon Notes

Limit One This weapon always blocks two light icons. If your pet's Agility is 201 or more, and your pet's intelligence is 67 or more, this item has a 100% chance of stealing one of your opponent's items. Once an item is stolen, this robe disappears for the remainder of the battle. If you do not meet the stat requirements, this is a multi-use shield only. This weapon is currently glitched in the Battledome. It will indicate that you stole a weapon in the log, but a new weapon does not appear in your set.