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Acara Ear Guards (r99)

Acara Gladiator Boots (r99)

Acara Twin Blade (r99)

Air Faerie Token (r99)

Aisha Acorn Darts (r99)

Aisha Feathered Charm (r99)

Sack Of Kougranip (r99)

Sack Of Garlic Powder (r99)

Bag of Healing Dust (r99)

Sakhmetian Axe (r99)

Sakhmetian Dagger (r99)

Sakhmetian Shield (r99)

Sakhmetian Spear (r99)

Bag Of Lenny Healing Seeds (r99)

Earth Faerie Token (r99)

Bag Of Sand (r99)

Barbed Buzz Dagger (r99)

Zero-G Scout Pack (r99)

Battle Hammer (r99)

Eleskeleton 3000 (r99)

Elixir Of The Pirate (r99)

Black Frost Cannon (r99)

Black Long Sleeved Cape (r99)

Blade of Supernova (r99)

Blade Of Ultranova (r99)