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Wood Sap Potion

Wood Sap Potion


An earthy potion that might help you feel better after a battle.

Restock Info

Restocks At: Kayla's Potion Shop

Single Use

Weapon Iconage


Does nothing ("petname feels bad") -OR- 1-5 HP

Weapon Notes

Out of twelve tests (more testing must be done so these stats are hardly accurate): 1/3 chance of doing nothing, 1/3 chance of healing 1 HP, 1/6 chance healing 4 HP, and 1/12 chance healing 5 HP. OUTSIDE OF BATTLEDOME. Another 10 results: Nothing - 4 1 Health - 3 3 Health - 2 2 Health - 1 - This item cannot be equipped to your pet.


Swordorchid, Pandar