The Daily Neopets Item Database

The Daily Neopets Item Database

Welcome to The Daily Neopets Item Database. We are a complete item database that contains data about every Neopets item in existence! Here you can find information on Customization wearables, NC Mall items, all Battledome weapons and their iconage, Neopets colors, and so much more. It's everything you need in one place.

Getting started? Use the instant search on the top bar of any page of the database or Search by Tags. Need some extra guidance? Check out the How to Use page.

What's New

  • The items database now features official Neopets item types on item profile pages in purple bubbles. Database tags for nearly ~27,000 item tags have been expanded and corrected (i.e. missing Battledome items from certain tags, etc).

  • Fixed the missing Wishlists buttons! Sorry about that.

  • Added 600+ missing items from Usuki Dolls, Darigan Toys, Springy Things, and Broken Toys...

  • Added a new field you can search by under Advanced Search: Name DOES NOT contain...

  • The Items Database is hiring. Are you a Neopets enthusiast? Apply here today.

Random Item of the Day

Zafara Balloon Animal

Zafara Balloon Animal

Very Rare

Someone must have been very talented to twist a balloon into a Zafara shape!